iThink Idea Collection (2)

You never truly understand something until you can explain it to your grandmother.
-Apparently, it is assumed by the author that the senior female, who has more than one grandchild, tends to have difficulty in understanding something that the grandchild want to explain. However, insofar as the information from internet I collected, there is no evidence to show a possible connection between the capacity of understanding and  the gender and age, as long as she is not suffering the Alzheimer’s disease.
The victory one gets after hard work is priceless.
– True! especially given the common situation that the hard work doesn’t always produce victory.
Opposites attract in the short-run and turn into a disaster in the long-run.
– Strongly agree, but sometimes the long-term opposite attraction makes people suffer a larger disaster.
Seasons change, but people don’t.
-All people change, aside from the most intelligent/stupid ones. (唯上知與下愚不移为。《論語.陽貨》怎么翻译?)
Talent doesn’t come from birth.
-Really? I am not sure. Only sure that mine doesn’t.
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
-But neither of the ways is easy.
Don’t ever feel responsible for what your ancestors did in the past.
-That doesn’t look fair to me, I feel that most of parents are responsible for their offspring.
I can’t have a relationship with someone who can’t get along with my friends.
-But I think it should depend on your friends. What’s the content of the characters of them?
Cooking is an art; in this art, men are more artist than women.
-Perhaps men are more captious about food.


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